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Initially three Regional Science Congresses in the three divisions of the State will be organised during November, 2016 to ensure participations from all corners of the State. Abstracts of scientific research papers proposed to be presented at the 24th Science Congress are invited in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medical Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Life Science, 'Agriculture-Fisheries and Animal Science', Engineering, 'Social Science, IPR? etc. These abstracts could be in Bengali/Hindi/Nepali/Urdu/English but in the case of abstracts written in the vernacular, translations in English must be submitted to facilitate peer review. Abstracts of Scientific Research Paper should not exceed 200 words. Selected papers will be presented in the respective Regional Science Congresses which will be held at Jalpaiguri, Bankura and Kolkata during November, 2016. Best papers from each disciplines from three Regional Science Congresses will be presented in the State Science Congress which will be held at the Science City, Kolkata during 28th February and 1st march 2017.


Regional Science Congress

  • Kolkata (Presidency Division) NITTTR, Kolkata : 13 - 14 November, 2016

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